Thursday, December 3, 2009

Music and Makeup Movies

Beauty comes in many forms...My favorite of which is beautiful music.

If you are a lover of beautiful music, then you MUST go out and buy this album!!  And I do mean the album "O" by Damien Rice.  Not the I-tunes!  Because then, you would not be able to flip through the provocative and haunting images that he has created in the liner notes.

A couple of my personal faves on here:  Volcano, Blower's Daughter, and Cold Water.
Hopefully my lil' sis and I will eventually play Cold Water at Log On Open mic night!

Why is this album so necessary?  It is full of beauty, melancholy, and hope.  There are so many beautiful musical surprises that will astound you...the vocals are haunting and amazing.  The lyrics are powerful, simple, and true. The melodies, harmonies, and dissonance throughout will humble you and break your heart.

Mr. Rice has shared his soul and I hope it warms your heart as it has mine.  Go buy it today!!

And on another (non-musical) beauty note :)...Thanks to all for watching my Merry and Bright video this week!  I am the Elle Video Star for the week!!  OMG!!

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