Friday, July 1, 2011

Hello, my name is Grace. Now what does that mean? I have no idea...but I want to learn. Here's a little story...I went to Chinese New Year this year with my dear friend Summer Lydick and her mama Micah. During this ceremony, you receive a prayer bracelet, much like a friendship bracelet from the priest at the Buddhist temple. When he ties it on your wrist, you make a wish for what you want to receive in the year. Then, when the bracelet falls off, your wish has come true.

This year, I wished for grace... So, I'm wearing my bracelet and wearing my bracelet, always a little reminder of grace near me. I accidentally cut part of it one time when I'm cutting some wristbands off, so I think it will fall off rather quickly. Nope, it stays around for a while. One day, I finally notice it's gone. And I realize it's been gone for a few days. I've also been noticing this thing, on the floor in my bedroom, lying there like a little piece of trash or something. I don't think too much of it, and I've been too busy to sweep, so it just stays there, small but noticeable. Finally, I get a few minutes and use my little hand broom to tidy up. I bend down to sweep up this little piece of trash and realize, there it is, my grace, here in front of me the whole time, in plain sight, in my room where I live, not lost somewhere out in the world, but close to me, just waiting for me to notice it. As a friend just told me, no more asking for it. Just claim it.


  1. I had a necklace like that once. Laurie pfeifer ripped it off once while we were in new braunfels. My wish/prayer never came true.

  2. Grace,
    A lovely post. Keep writing.